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1957 Weatherstrip & Rubber

Part No. Description Price
DT-24 Taillight lower dust seals with bracket $22.50 Pr.
C-121 Headlight bucket to fender seal $6.00 Pr.
C7-154 Core support grommet $3.75
C7-156 Front splashpan to bumper bracket anti-rattle seal $4.00
C7-250 Fuel door bumpers $4.50
C7-355 Ashtray bumpers $1.00 Ea.
D4CH500 Brake and clutch pedal bumper $1.25 Ea.
C7-556 License plate wire grommet $4.50
C7-557 Speedo cable grommet $4.50
C7-755 Headlight bucket wire grommet $6.00 Pr.
C7-880 Brake pedal support dash grommet $6.00
C7-1213 Rear antenna gasket $2.00
1977C Fuel door bumper & retainer kit $7.50
C7-2100 A-frame dust shields $18.00
C7-2115 A-frame dust shields with retainers $28.00 Pr.
C7-2200 Front fender anti-squeak kit $19.00
C7-2201 Inner fender to outer fender seal $23.00
C7-2300 Hood anti-squeak $11.00
C7-2400 Front splashpan seal $10.00 Pr.
C7-2600 Cowl weatherstrip $12.00
C7-6504 Taillamp to body seal $7.00
C7-6505 Headlight door seal $10.00 Pr.
C72400MSK Front splashpan seal; molded; with hardware $40.00
C7-8000 Rear bumper to body seal $20.00
A1011 Trunk weatherstrip with clips $32.00
C7-8005 Under taillight dust shields $15.00 Pr.
C7-9016AP Steering column floor seal with power brakes $20.00
C7-9016AT Steering column floor seal with automatic transmission $15.00
C7-9016ST Steering column floor seal with standard shift transmission $25.00
13723 Taillamp harness boots $23.00 Pr.