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1957 Heater

Part No. Description Price
UF-11 Deluxe heater face & bezel $150.00
OHK001 V8 original heater hose set; ribbed $36.00
HHK-001 GM stamped heater hose; kit; V8 $28.00
OHK-004 V8 with air conditioning; original heater hose set; ribbed $53.00
OHK-006 6-cylinder original heater hose set; ribbed $36.00
NEW-013 Heater control valve $66.00
C-142 Air duct vent flap seal kit $8.00
17-143 Radiator and heater hose clamp set $6.25
20-331 Heater assembly fastener set; deluxe heater $6.00
SM-351 Replacement heater blower motor $65.00
C7-558 Heater cable grommet $5.00
D-567 Replacement heater blower motor; closer to original than SM-351 $40.00
1434 Deluxe heater knob set $32.00
C7-2700X Deluxe heater gasket set $20.00
C7-2700ST Recirculating heater gasket set $20.00
C7-2701 Fresh air inlet seals $16.00
C7-2701MS Air duct inlet sleeve; molded $30.00 Pr.
C7-2702 Blower motor sleeve $5.50
C7-2704 Air duct to inner fender seals $10.00 Pr.
C7-2704MS Air duct to inner fender seals; molded $21.00 Pr.
C7-2505 Air duct drain tube grommets $6.00 Pr.
C7-2707 Heater/defrost seal $14.00
10859 Heater control cable set $58.00
10863 Deluxe heater flex hose $17.00
11431 Heater hose support $6.50
11618 Intake manifold heater hose nipple, 3/4" $12.00 Ea.
11883 Water pump heater hose nipple; 3/4" $9.00 Ea.
12560 Air vent cable clips $2.50 Pr.
HOSE 3/4" black heater hose $2.00 Ft.
12570 Air condition and heater control cable set $90.00
C7-132700 Heater core cover retaining brackets $25.00 Pr.
C7-132704 Heater motor bracket to fender retainer $12.00