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1957 Interior

Part no. description price
L-1 Dome lens chrome ring $13.00
NS-5 Neutral safety switch; turboglide $30.00
TSR-7 Powerglide shift indicator wire $5.00
GM-9 Headlight switch; reproduction $45.00
CS-01 Dash indicator lens and color disc $14.00 Set
GP-03 Headlight knob with shaft $20.00
'PAC-03 2-door and 4-door wagon & Nomad cargo plywood set $215.00
GP-04 Wiper knob $20.00
NF-04 Speedo cluster perimeter chrome molding $60.00
GP-06 Casco lighter knob and element $50.00
  Reproduction lighter knob, element, bezel $50.00
RD-06 ABS kickpanels; smooth $50.00 Pr.
KCB-7 Fiberglass kick panels with molded in speakers $129.00 Pr.
PIO-7 Fiberglass kick panels with molded in speakers; upgrade $189.00 Pr.
TS-18 Clutch pedal return spring $23.00
TS-19 Clutch pedal return spring hangers $5.00
'DT-33 Original floor mats; turquoise, red, black; set of 4 $100.00
DG-028 Glove box liner $20.00
DG-029 Glove box liner screw set $4.00
DG-030 BelAir armrest; complete; red, beige, black, silver, blue, turquoise, yellow, green $110.00 Pr.
DG-030A BelAir armrest bases only $70.00 Pr.
DG-030B BelAir upholstered armrest pad only $50.00 Pr.
DG-30C BelAir armrest metal brackets $15.00 Ea.
SB-30 210/BelAir horn ring $90.00
SB-31 210/BelAir horn ring center without emblem $29.00
SB-37 Seat stop set $11.00
MK-057 BelAir 2-door hardtop, convertible, Nomad door panel stainless; 8 pieces $255.00 Set
MK-057A BelAir 2-door hardtop rear interior side panel stainless; 4 pieces $174.00 Set
MK-057B Convertible rear interior side panel stainless; 4 pieces $174.00 Set
MK-057C 2-door BelAir sedan side panel stainless; 4 pieces $245.00 Set
MK-057D 4-door BelAir hardtop side panel stainless; 12 pieces $405.00 Set
MK-057E Nomad rear interior side panel stainless; 4 pieces $201.00 Set
MK-057F BelAir front seat lower seat shroud moldings $73.00 Ea.
MK-057G 210 2-door sedan door panel stainless moldings; 8 pieces $325.00 Set
MK-057H 210 4-door sedan door panel stainless moldings; 8 pieces $325.00 Set
MK-057I Delray 2-door sedan interior panel stainless moldings; 4 pieces $209.00 Set
MK-057J BelAir 4-door sedan interior panel stainless moldings; 4 pieces $245.00 Set
SB-57 Indented dash trim with BelAir script $180.00
SB-67A Indented dash trim no holes; no script $164.00
DS-67 Dimmer switch $28.00
SB-68 Speedometer cluster chrome rings and indicator $85.00 Set
EO-86 Ignition switch nut $7.00
EO-87 Ignition switch bezel with clip $15.00
104 Front and rear door panel metal edge set; 12 pieces $109.00
17-152 Horn ring retainer; 3 hole $4.25
EO-153 Turn signal cancel cam $4.00
17-169 Horn ring plastic spacer $3.00
17-201 Horn retainer kit; complete $23.00
20-221 Armrest screws to bracket; 6 $2.00
20-221C BelAir 2-door sedan and all 210 armrest screw set $2.00
SSP001 2-door front seat stop plates with hardware $18.50
17-295B Steering column fastener kit $25.00
EO-360 Cigarette lighter knob and element $19.00
EO-392 BelAir dash script $9.00
EO-451 Firewall pad fastener set $8.50
EO-455 Clutch pedal kit; includes pedal, lever, spring and hangers $92.00
B-482 Kick panel cardboard; black $20.00 Pr.
EO-533 150 and 210 chrome Chevrolet dash script $11.00
C-1072 Headlight switch nut $13.00
B-1105 Powerglide neutral safety switch $26.00
B-1123 Dome light switch $20.00 Ea.
1198 Lighter; complete; Danchuk $49.00
1406 BelAir horn emblem $34.00
1408 150 horn emblem; Canadian $54.00
1409 210 horn emblem $54.00
1419 Clock bezel; Hamilton $46.00
1421 Clock bezel; Westclox $46.00
1421B Clock bezel; digital $46.00
1427 210 and BelAir dash escutcheon set; lights, wiper, radio, lighter $42.00
1428 210 and BelAir lighter escutcheon $13.00
1429 210 and BelAir lights escutcheon $13.00
1430 210 and BelAir wiper escutcheon $13.00
1454 Chrome dash bezel set; all except ignition bezel $58.00
C7-6550 Gauge to instrument cluster gaskets $4.00
8957 Convertible rear armrest and piston cover $295.00 Pr.
'C7-90022H 2-door hardtop and convertible door panel cardboard $45.00 Pr.
'C7-9002210 2-door 210 sedan door panel cardboard $45.00 Pr.
'C7-90024S 4-door sedan door panel cardboards; set of 4 $80.00
'C7-9002SN 2-door BelAir sedan and Nomad door panel cardboard $45.00 Pr.
'C7-9007 Firewall pad; as original $85.00
11057 Ignition switch $70.00
STR3A57C Dakota Digital instrumentation system; retrofits into your bezel $640.00