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wanted:  55-56-57 nice used outside visors and any NOS parts you may have. 

Cliff's Classic Chevrolet is currently parting out over 250 1955-57 Chevys.  For any part you don't see here, please inquire.  We will place you on our want list for any part we don't have.  You will be notified when it becomes available.

Send us a list of your quality used and N.O.S. parts for sale or trade.


Power brake complete (Treadle Vac)  $450.00

Power brake complete with rebuilt cylinder Inquire

Power brake firewall bracket $40.00

Power brake vacuum tank $50.00

Power brake valve cover hose bracket $10.00

Power brake 6-cylinder brass tee $50.00

Power brake V-8 2 & 4 barrel brass tee $25.00

Power brake pedal assembly $125.00

Hydra-Vac power brake INQUIRE

Locking gas cap INQUIRE

Continental kits INQUIRE

Clock CORE $40.00

Clock - Rebuilt (Specify year) INQUIRE

Clock - Quartz conversion (Specify year) $225.00 EX


Gas pedal cover N.O.S. INQUIRE

Tissue dispenser $125.00

Door edge guards INQUIRE

Gas door guard - 1955 $30.00

Gas door guard N.O.S. - 1955 $60.00

Accessory lamps INQUIRE

Mirror - Remote N.O.S. INQUIRE

Restored inside day/night mirror 1955 150.00; 1956 $175.00; 1957 $150.00

Vanity mirror INQUIRE

Rocker molding - Restored (Pair) 1955 $300.00; 1956 $300.00

Vacuum ash tray INQUIRE

Spotlight - LEFT HAND $250.00

Spotlight bracket KIT - RIGHT N.O.S. $135.00

Spotlamp - Hand-held INQUIRE


Park brake signal INQUIRE

Park brake signal N.O.S. INQUIRE

Door handle shields (Pair) $30.00

Door handle shields (Pair) N.O.S. INQUIRE

Stone guards - SHOW QUALITY (Pair) 1955 $300.00; 1956 $300.00


Rear speaker switch only COMPLETE $125.00

Rear speaker $40.00

Rear speaker cover INQUIRE

Vent shades INQUIRE

Outside visor 2D HT INQUIRE

Outside visor SEDAN INQUIRE

Outside visor 4D HT INQUIRE

Traffic viewer INQUIRE

Traffic viewer N.O.S. INQUIRE

Gas filter 1956 $30.00; 1957 $30.00

3rd Note horn INQUIRE

Air condition INQUIRE

Deck lid molding INQUIRE

Padded dash INQUIRE

Power seat mechanism COMPLETE INQUIRE

Power windows INQUIRE

PS COMPLETE 1955 $475.00; 1956 $450.00; 1957 $450.00

PS Pump bracket INQUIRE

PS Generator 1955 $140.00; 1956 $90.00; 1957 $90.00

PS Generator REBUILT 1955 $185.00 EX.; 1956-57 $160.00 EX.

PS Pump $75.00

PS Lower generator bracket $15.00

PS Hose frame bracket w/rubber $10.00

PS Control valve $100.00

PS Pitman arm $60.00

PS Power cylinder $75.00

PS Power cylinder frame bracket $30.00

PS Center center drag link $80.00

PS Idler arm $60.00

PS LEFT Tie rod $40.00

1956 Fender birds (Pair) $75.00