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1957 Engine & Fuel System

Part No. Description Price
  Gas door hinge box $44.00
57WUGFT Nomad, wagon upper gas filler tube $77.00
57WLGFT Nomad, wagon lower gas filler tube $68.00
57PCUGFT Passenger car upper gas filler tube $76.00
57PCLGFT Passenger car lower gas filler tube $61.00
  Fuel injection fuel filter element $75.00
BVL001 Fuel injection vent line from fuel meter to air cleaner $20.00
GRF002 Griffin 6-cylinder aluminum radiator; 1" tube; polished available; INQUIRE $550.00
GRF005 Griffin 6-cylinder aluminum radiator; 1 1/4" tube; polished available; INQUIRE $650.00
CLRP01 Fuel injection; powerglide passing gear rod $22.00
GTVS01 Gas tank vent and filler neck strap $6.50
FIAR-01 Fuel injection throttle rod $22.00
JS-02 283 HP fuel injection scoop INQUIRE
NF-01 6-cylinder upper formed radiator hose with GM part number $15.00
SW-02 Fuel injection exhaust to manifold spacer; right INQUIRE
SW-02A Original V8 heat riser valve INQUIRE
VC-02 Power brake vacuum can INQUIRE
GP-02A 4-barrel choke cover $45.00
JS-03 250 HP fuel injection scoop INQUIRE
JS-05 Fuel injection air cleaner bracket $20.00
JS-06 Fuel injection fuel filter bracket $80.00
GP-07 Gas filler neck hose and clamps; original style $18.00
CACR03 Dual 4-barrel air cleaner rod with wing nut $15.00
CACR06 V8 4-barrel air cleaner rod with wing nut $6.50
CACR08 Fuel injection air cleaner rod with wing nuts $6.00
CM-006 2x4 GM stamped fan belt $30.00
CLRP08 2 and 4-barrel 245 HP passing gear rod $22.00
CACR10 2-barrel air cleaner rod and wing nut $6.00
SDN-1A V8 starter drive $12.00
HME-2 Fuel injection steel air cleaner INQUIRE
SDN-2 6-cylinder starter drive $25.00
HME-3 Fuel injection booster pump grommet in core support panel $22.50
HME-19 Fuel injection fuel filter; best on market $550.00
GM-15 Clutch adjusting rod, swivel, spring & pin $20.00
GM-16 Clutch pin, push rod to fork $1.00
1-17 Rebuilt 6-cylinder carb 1-barrel INQUIRE
3-19 Rebuilt 6-cylinder Rochester carb INQUIRE
GM-57 GM V8 point set $22.00
GM-58 2X4 & fuel injection GM point set $12.50
DR-60X Dual 4-barrel condenser $11.00
GM-65 V8 dipstick tube $18.00
GM-67 V8 dipstick $7.75
DR-70X V8 condenser $8.50
GM-70 Clutch fork $70.00
GM-71 Clutch fork bearing retainer $8.00
Z107 Fuel injection two-piece fuel line with fittings $29.00
EML-001 Exhaust manifold bolt locks; stainless $4.00 Ea.
EMT-001 Heat riser tube in exhaust manifold $7.50
GLK001 Dual 4-barrel gas line kit without use of filter; Corvette $54.50
GLK001F Dual 4-barrel gas line kit with use of filter; Corvette $54.50
HRT-001 220 HP choke tube cut 1/2" off for Rochester $8.00
HRT-002 2-barrel choke - heat riser tube $8.00
OCL003 V8 powerglide trans cooler lines $45.00
GLK004 2-barrel gas line kit; 5/16" $20.00
HRT005 6-cylinder heat riser tube $8.00
HRT006 Dual 4-barrel choke tube $8.00
OCL005 V8 turboglide trans cooler lines $45.00
GLK008 Dual 4-barrel gas line kit without filter; passenger car $48.00
GHC024 Air condition fan belt $20.00
HR-117 Replacement horn relay $20.00
15-124 Clutch bellcrank $32.00
27-158 V8 exhaust manifold to header pipe stud and nut kit $11.50
'EO-182 V8 core support $159.00
27-182 V8 passing gear rod from bellcrank to transmission $16.00
20-193 Battery retainer bolts $3.00 Ea.
20-194 Battery retainer wing nut $.50 Ea.
SS-200 6-cylinder and V8 solenoid $65.00
210D 6-cylinder carb kit $25.00
17-296 Horn; low note; close to original look $58.00
17-297 Horn; high note; close to original look $58.00
DR309 Dual four barrel rotor $8.50
B-313 Battery box $38.00
DR-311-X Rotor for distributor $8.50
DR-332 2-barrel distributor vacuum advance $45.00
DR-334 4-barrel distributor vacuum advance $45.00
EO-341 Leather clutch fork boot $22.00
CZ-427 Replacement hi perf 3/8 fuel pump $65.00
DR-427 Dual 4-barrel and FI distributor cap $17.00
DR-429X V8 distributor cap $28.00
435 V8 exhaust manifold bolt and washer set $25.00
GHC-441 V8 left exhaust manifold; 975; dated/specify $300.00
GHC-442 V8 right exhaust manifold; 976; dated/specify $350.00
GHC-443 V8 right exhaust manifold w/FI; 976; dated/specify $350.00
EO-681 Non-wagon gas tank $239.00
EO-682W Wagon gas tank $249.00
Z856 2555S carb tag $12.00
Z857 2626S 2X4 245 HP carb tag $12.00
Z858 2627S rear 2X4 245 HP carb tag $12.00
Z859 2613S front 2X4 270 HP carb tag $12.00
Z860 2614S rear dual 4-barrel 270 HP carb tag $12.00
Z868 2505S carb tag $12.00
  Any carb tag date coded and punched $35.00
1003 V8 ignition wire support brackets and grommets $40.00
1006 Spark plug shields; set of four $45.00
1010A Original battery hold down retainer $32.00
1010C Fuel injection manifold gasket kit $60.00
1017C Metering rods and jets for 2X4 carb #2626/2627 $99.75
1018C Metering rods and jets for 2X4 carb #2613/2614 $99.75
1022C Fuel shutoff electronic switch for FI units with brass fittings $90.00
1029CS Ground strap stud $4.00
1037C Secondary air valve 245 & 270 HP $150.00
1067 C Passenger car FI air cleaner hose, original design & material $35.00
1071C FI air cleaner hose clamp $22.00 Ea.
1073C Electro-Vac tag & decal $35.00
1072CA 2x4 throttle shaft w/front arm Inquire
1072CB 2x4 throttle shaft w/rear arm Inquire
1074C FI dog house tag & rivets (tag is blank) $16.00
1075C Passenger car FI injection throttle arm $76.00
1079C WCFB 2x4 throttle shafts w/arms; front and rear shafts $250.00 Pr.
D1110A Reproduction ballast resistor $25.00
1181 Pertronic ignitor - V8 $85.00
2050C Corvette FI air cleaner w/air filter and mounting stud $495.00
2026C Choke housing for 4 bbl Carter WCFB w/o threaded housing $46.00
DR-2236P Dual four barrel points $18.00
DR-2207CP V8 points $18.00
A-5454 V8 side of motor spark plug wire brackets $40.00 Pr
7425 6-cylinder fan belt with air condition; replacement $7.00
7597 6-cylinder air condition compressor belt; replacement $8.50
8592 Exhaust donut; header to manifold $5.00 Ea.
8600 V8 air condition compressor belt; replacement $8.50
MS9617 283 V8 intake gasket set $20.00
IWS10208 Original spark plug wire set; except 2X4 and fuel injection $85.00
IWS10209 2X4 original spark plug wire set $85.00
IWS10210 Fuel injection original spark plug wire set $85.00
31-2124 Turboglide transmission mount; right $20.00
31-2125 Turboglide transmission mount; left $20.00
10129 Gas filler neck hose $15.00
10130 Gas tank filler neck vent hose $18.00
10882 Hood springs $30.00 Pr.
13788 Station wagon gas tank vent hose $20.00
11997 Passing gear linkage rod; 4-barrel; V8 $15.00
12235 Passing gear linkage rod; 2-barrel; V8 $15.00
12421 Heat riser spring; V8 $5.00 Ea.
12730 Positive and negative 6-cylinder original battery cables $100.00 Pr.
12731 Positive and negative V8 original battery cables $100.00 Pr.
12732 Positive and negative V8 with air condition original battery cables $100.00 Pr.
12792 Windshield washer hose kit; push button $23.00
12793 Windshield washer hose kit; foot operated $23.00
26413 Replacement 6-cylinder (flex) top radiator hose $7.00
60038 V8 heat riser valve gasket $2.00
70744 Replacement fuel injection upper radiator hose $18.00
711934 Replacement 6-cylinder negative battery cable $16.00
712234 Replacement V8 negative battery cable $16.00
712914 Replacement 6-cylinder positive battery cable $18.00
714514 Replacement V8 positive battery cable $18.00
01513321 Replacement temp sender $27.00