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1955 Weatherstrip and Rubber

Part No. Description Price
C5-100 Hood to fender cushion set $7.00
C-124 Grille to fender gaskets $8.00
B9-250 Fuel door bumper set $4.40
C5-555 Early starter grommet $5.00
C5-600 Rocker panel plug $1.30 Ea.
C5-2100 A-frame dust shields; late '55 only $15.00 Pr.
C5-2200 Front fender anti-squeak kit $15.00
C5-2340 Hood bird gasket $6.00
C5-6504 Parklight/taillight to body seal $8.50 Pr.
C5-8000 Rear bumper to body seal $15.00
C5-9016AP Column floor seal; automatic with power brakes $20.00
13721 Taillamp harness boots $23.00 Pr.