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Transmission Crossmember

Quality 55-56-57 Chevy transmission crossmember.  Fits aluminum Powerglide; 350; 400; 700R; Muncie; T-10; Saginaw.   Comes with mounting brackets



1955 1956 Belair Radio

1955-56 Chevy Belair Radio
VECH56-SBR in Digital Mode

       AM/FM RDS - iPod doc / CD Controller - USB Flash Drive Player With Hidden Digital Display    

 The Slidebar Radio is Custom Autosound’s latest inovation in the quest for a perfect classic car radio.  Just slide the 'slidebar' to the right and the analog AM radio display drops away to reveal a full featured digital display. With the large OEM style push-buttons you get a perfect look in a classic dash. Now a radio that not only looks right and sounds great in your classic vehicle, it gives you a direct connection to today's modern audio.  Although it looks classic it has the latest modern features that include an iPod doc. Navigation for the iPOD includes artist/song/album/playlist all from the buttons on the radio. A great feature so you can keep the iPod hidden away in your glove box or console. The USB input is still there on the back of the radio and allows you to plug in a USB flash drive for playback of MP3/WMA song files. The alpha numeric LCD display shows the song/artist/album titles during playback of flash drive (thumb drive), iPod files and RDS radio station information. This LCD display has 7 user selectable color choices so you can match it to your other dash illumination. As an option you can get Bluetooth music streaming from your Bluetooth capable phone or Bluetooth compatible player with the BLUKIT. A2DP music streaming alows you to advance the songs on your phone buy using the track up/down button on the radio. It will also mute the music while to take a hands free phone call through the radio. With 300 watts peak the radio should have all the power you may need, if you want more there are four pre-outs jacks and a subwoofer out on the back of the radio for optional amplifiers. The back of the radio also has auxiliary audio input for satellite radio or any portable player you may wish to use. If CD's are your thing we have you covered as this radio will control an optional 6 disc changer USA-CD60 or our CD1 compact size CD/DVD mp3 compatible player.

The Slidebar Radio Features:
• AM-FM RDS tuner with 25 pre-sets (15-FM / 10AM)
• RDS tuner shows station / song / artist on LCD display
• 300 Watts Peak 
• 7 LCD color choices (user selectable - white/red/blue/cyan/green/yellow/pink)
• LCD dimmer control
• Bluetooth Option Available (#Blukit $109.00) Wireless interface.  Adapter plugs into the CD changer port.
  gives you the ability to do hands free calling from your bluetooth capable phone.   Also listen to music
  stored on your A2DP enabled bluetooth device. If you have a CD changer or CD1 single player you can
  still use it with the adapter plugged in (there is a CD changer port on the control box of the Bluekit.
• iPod doc and control (Control your iPod from the buttons on the radio)
• USB Port for Flash Drive MP3/WMA Playback
• Direct CD1 Control
• Alpha Numeric Display for MP3/WMA/ iPod files
• Electronic Tuning and Volume Control w/Last Volume Memory
• Bass / Mid / Treble Tone Control
• Loudness compensation
• Front Rear Fader
• Left Right Balance
• Digital Clock
• 2 Channel RCA Auxiliary Input for Satellite etc.
• 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs
• Subwoofer Line out w/Level and x-over Adjustments
• USA/Euro Tuner
• Power Antenna Lead


Custom Autosound

 1955-56 Chevy

 Slidebar Radio -

 also available for 1957



















DurAlt Fuel Conditioner

This amazing fuel additive is now in stock. We run it in all our gas and diesel vehicles. DurAlt will:
Boosts MPG average 10%
* Reduces hydrocarbon emissions
* Increases engine lubrication
* Cleans out fuel injectors and engine combustion chamber
* Reduces engine octaine requirement allowing use of Regular vs. Premium
* Boosts diesel cetane value by 2 points--easier cold weather starting
* Protects and stabilizes fuel and reduces oxidation
* Works as a biocide in diesel tanks
* Will not void engine warranty

$12.95 for 4 oz bottle which treats 100 gallons of diesel or 160 gallons of gas
$27.95 for 16 oz bottle which treats 400 gallons of diesel or 640 gallons of gas

1956 "Batwing" Air Cleaner, Dual 4 Barrel $1,295.00

1957 "Batwing" Air Cleaner, Dual 4 Barrel - Standard $1,295.00

1957 "Batwing" Air Cleaner, Dual 4 Barrel - Offset $1,295.00

Stainless Threaded Stud Set w/Wingnut For '57 Batwing $20.00 set


Classic Instruments Bel Era III Package


The package features many of Classic Instruments' great features such as ZST, LED lights with built in dimmer, built-in ECM signal filter switch, turn signals and high beam indicator lights, and a single-connector wiring harness for ease of installation.   A new feature that will offer much versatility and convenience is a fuel sender selector switch which allows for compatibility with any fuel resistance range via a simple switch controlled during installation.   The cluster arrives ready to install, including a glass lens, in an existing housing, bezel not included.   Choose between four colors:  black, white, gray and tan.   Matching clocks and an optional gear selector with or without overdrive.  





$200.00 SET





griffin x flow




2 & 4 door door wagon and Delivery reproduction tailgate handle w/key. Fits 1953-1957     $195.00 thandle

We can restore your original handle $150.00




reflector1956 LED Taillight Reflector $12.00 each



55-57 Nomad Cargo Area Switch & Plate -- $39.00

switch 2




V8 Distributor Electronic Conversion (PerTronix)  $99.00 each.  Call for your specific application.  We also offer distributor rebuilding.



Unisteer Rack & Pinion Kits- Please Inquire

1955-56-57 Chevrolet Reproduction 2-door Hardtop Rear Upper Back Glass Stainless Molding: $135.00

New 2 and 4 door Sedan Headliner Rods. Set of Seven $185.00


newtruckgauges1.jpg (1163780 bytes)


We are a dealear for Classic Instruments and can order for all makes and models-please inquire.

Store61.jpg (325603 bytes)

1955-56-57 Chevrolet reproduction rear seat speaker cover. This is a nice reproduction item. $39.00 each  chrome; $20.00 each black.


57FIScripts.jpg (188596 bytes)

1957 Chevrolet/Corvette fuel injection scripts. These are a quality American made part. 

$94.00 pair

57FIFlags.jpg (175003 bytes)

1957 Chevrolet/Corvette fuel injection flags. These are a quality American made part.

$98.00 pair


TrafficViewer.jpg (192018 bytes)

1955-56-57 quality reproduction traffic light viewer. Factory accessory. These are American made. Work well in older coupes and sedans with limited windshield visibility. $56.00. Specify year



Our Shop Favorite Metal Polish

Store49.jpg (173154 bytes)

Hollywoods metal polish.  16-ounce bottle.  I have been in the restoration business for over 40 years and have not found a better polish than this.  $17.00

eBay144.jpg (92792 bytes)

1955-57Billet door lock knobs. Nice addition to your Tri-5. Correct thread size.  $15.00 Pr. 

1955 Reproduction Hardtop and Convertible Upper Paint Dividers

55UpperPaintDividers.jpg (191394 bytes)

$159.00 Pair




WIDE-ANGLE Outside Rear View Mirror


Gene Smith quality reproduction '55, '56, '57 mirror now available with mirror glass to give a wider rear view, just like your late-model vehicle.


Classic Instruments BelEra 

Instruments Package


We are a dealer for Classic Instruments inquire.

1955-56-57 Chev Nomad, 2 and 4 door wagon rear seat latches:  Part # G-202 $50.00 pr.   Also available in chrome Part #G-202A $70.00 pr.


CPP Tubular Control Arms

Part No. Description Price
5557TCA-LK 55-57 Lower pair, with ball joints $479.00
5557TCA-UK 55-57 Upper pair, with ball joints $359.00

CPP’s Tubular Control Arms are designed to provide full wheel travel and minimal friction. The upper control arms add 5 degrees of caster. The lower arms provide increased ground clearance and allow the use of sway bars. They can be installed with either factory uppers and lowers, or as a full set.   The Chrome-moly cross shafts and sleeves are zinc plated.  from ever working loose.  The control arm assemblies are a simple bolt-in installation with no modification required. They work with all factory and replacement power steering systems, and with or without O.E. bump stops.

Power Disc Brake Kits


Power disc brake conversion using your stock spindles, includes pre-bent hardlines $895.00.

Power disc brake conversion with dropped spindles, includes pre-bent hardlines $1060.00

Prices do not include shipping



Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR wireless voice and audio is now a standard feature on ALL radio models

(New pricing reflected below -- effective 1/10/19.  Other makes and models available, please inquire)

1955 2nd series, 1956-59 Chevrolet Truck
 Bluetooth Radio



1955 Chevrolet Push Button AM/FM Bluetooth Radio



1955 Chevrolet Wonderbar AM/FM Bluetooth Radio


1956 Chevrolet Push Button AM/FM Bluetooth Radio



1956 Chevrolet Wonderbar AM/FM Bluetooth Radio



1957 Chevrolet Wonderbar AM/FM Bluetooth Radio




Push Button AM/FM Bluetooth Radio


  • Small size, BIG features!
  • Looks original but offers 
    today's technology
  • 2" case depth allows room for electric wipers, air conditioning
  • Analog controls look and feel like the original radio

1955 pictured

  • All controls easily accessible. Volume, bass, treble, balance, fader and tuning from original-looking controls
  • AM dial scale in foreground looks original - FM dial scale in background
  • LED dial lights will never need replacing
  • Digitally tuned AM/FM Stereo front end provides stable, high quality reception
  • 11.5-16.0 Volts DC Negative Ground only
  • Maximum power = 180 watts RMS (45 watts x 4 speakers 4Ω, 14.4V, 1kHz)
  • Do not use original speakers
  • Uses original antenna
  • 10 presets (5 AM, 5 FM). Digitally tuned receiver with analog display
  • Dimensions: 8" W x 2" H. Depth behind dash is 2" at shafts
  • Standard (Motorola) antenna jack
  • " D shafts on controls for mounting (same size and thread as original shafts)
  • Memory retention (presets and other user settings) more than 40 years with power disconnected
  • 3 RCA jacks for left channel, right channel and sub-woofer line outs
  • 3.5 mm phone jack for input from iPod, satellite radio or MP3 player
  • Switch selectable for 1, 2, 3 or 4 speakers
  • Switch selectable for North America or Europe mode
  • Includes a 6 foot 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary cable with every radio
  • Bluetooth 3.0 EDR compliant
  • Built in microphone for HFP (hands-free profile)
  • HSP, A2DP, AVRCP profiles supported
  • Programmable audio equalizer
  • Place/answer calls or stream your favorite programs while maintaining original appearance!


 Chevrolet Wonderbar AM/FM Bluetooth Radio


  • Chrome-plated die-cast nose piece, Wonderbar and pushbuttons look all original
  • Correct knobs
  • Wonderbar seeks on AM or FM

1956 pictured


  • Wonderbar duplicates action of original (seeks UP, then rapidly returns to bottom of dial and starts over)
  • 10 presets (5 AM, 5 FM)
  • AM dial scale in foreground looks original - FM dial scale in background
  • Maximum power = 180 watts RMS (45 watts x 4 speakers 4Ω, 14.4V, 1kHz)
  • Do not use original speakers
  • Uses original antenna
  • Fits in dash without any modifications
  • Analog controls look and feel like the original radio
  • All controls easily accessible. Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance, Fader and Tuning from original-looking controls
  • LED dial lights will never need replacing
  • Digitally tuned AM/FM Stereo front end provides stable, high quality reception
  • " shafts on controls for mounting (same size and thread as original shafts)
  • Memory retention for pushbuttons and user settings more than 40 years
  • 3 RCA jacks for left channel, right channel and sub-woofer line outs
  • 3.5 mm phone jack for input from iPod, satellite radio or MP3 player
  • Switch selectable for 1,2,3 or 4 speakers
  • Switch selectable for North America or Europe mode
  • Includes a 6 foot 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary cable with every radio
  • Bluetooth 3.0 EDR compliant
  • Built in microphone for HFP (hands-free profile)
  • HSP, A2DP, AVRCP profiles supported
  • Programmable audio equalizer
  • Place/answer calls or stream your favorite programs while maintaining original appearance!



These new radios have the look and feel of the original radio, but with the performance you expect from today’s technology.   From the dash, every piece you see has been designed to match the original.   Wonderbar radios seek up the dial until they reach the top, then return rapidly to the bottom and start over just like the originals did.   The tuning knob and pushbuttons make the dial pointer move the way they’re supposed to.  No digital displays.  Behind the dash is a different story.  Powerful electronics are built into a chassis that is only 2 ” deep.   Radios with pushbuttons have 10 presets.  Subtly printed in the dial background is the FM dial scale.   Designed and manufactured in the USA.


BORGESON POWER STEERING BOX $479.00; Power steering conversion box for 1955-1957 Chevy full size cars. Remanufactured Delphi 600 series power steering box with a 18MM Double-D input shaft and a 12.7:1 ratio. Steering column modifications required.  See picture below.

Power Conversion, Delphi 600, 55-57 Chevy

Email for other applications


1957 Third Brake Light Vee

Chrome: $214.00     Gold: $246.00

eBay682.JPG (108267 bytes)

1957 Reproduction Quartz Clock--White Only  $170.00


eBay503.JPG (181023 bytes)  

 1955-56 Chevrolet BelAir scaled down complete steering wheel.  15" in diameter.  It comes in BLACK only, but can be painted for any application. Also come with correct horn plate.  BIG, BIG savings over having an original converted.  $369.00 

Store60.jpg (203368 bytes)

1957 Chevrolet Belair/210 Mini steering wheel. This is a reproduction of the original steering wheel, 15 inches in diameter.  Come in Black only. Original emblems will fit and are available at an extra charge. Also included is a correct horn plate.  $369.00

Store63.jpg (178862 bytes)

1959-60 Belair Mini steering wheel. This is a reproduction of the original steering wheel. 15 inches in diameter. Come in Black only. Also included is the correct horn plate. $369.00

eBay317.jpg (173915 bytes)

1957-58 passenger car fuel-injection air cleaner element. This is a new reproduction element reproduced from an original!  $70.00 Ea.

5-7Door1.jpg (43677 bytes)

1955-57 Hardtop & Convertible Complete Door Assembly

Ready for your window hardware, door handles, panels and hinges.  Made in the USA. Built out of OE quality heavy gauge sheet metal.


57QtrPanel1.jpg (36349 bytes)

1957 Quarter Panel Section

Retooled for superior quality.   Flanged with a material offset to greatly ease the installation process.  The door jambs have original contours.  Made of heavy gauge OE sheet metal to match original 1/4 panel.


5-7FloorPan.jpg (57755 bytes)

1955-57 Convertible/Hardtop/Sedan Complete Welded Floor 

Assembled out of made in the U.S.A. floor pieces, this complete floor will save a tremendous amount of time and work in the restoration process. Heavy gauge sheet metal exceeds OEM quality, but reproduces the contours of the Chevrolet floor down to the smallest details.

NOTE: Minor modification is necessary to properly fit floor to center of "X" frame.

Convertible  $1699.00     Hardtop   $1699.00     Sedan   $1699.00

57-210ArmRests.jpg (180433 bytes)

1957 210 armrests (front two-door and front/rear four-door - BLACK &BEIGE! $90.00 Pair


POWER STEERING PUMP CAM PACKS for 1955-59 Chevrolet cars and trucks.  NEW  cam rings now complete the three major internal wear-and-tear parts in ALL 1955-59 Chevrolet cars and light trucks with original generator-mounted power steering pumps.

PS-080 Cam pack (ring, rotor, vanes)     $257.00

PSCamPack.jpg (84792 bytes)

5-7Headers.jpg (80767 bytes)

 '55-'57 small block headers; coated; fit with 605 box. $443.00 pair

'55-'57 small block fenderwell headers;  bare; 1 3/4" primary tube diameter.  $595.00 pair (USA made)


'55-'57 small block coated headers; designed to fit Maval/Unisteer Rack and Pinion. $468.00 pair.


'55-'57 big block headers; coated; fit with 605 box. $590.00 pair

'55-'57 big block fenderwell headers;   bare;  2 1/8" primary tube diameter.  $695.00 pair (USA made)


'55-57 big block headers; coated;  2" primary tube diameter.  $587.00 pair


5-7AC1.jpg (384432 bytes)VintageAir.jpg (132075 bytes)5-7AC2.jpg (404921 bytes)

Vintage Air Sure Fit Series 1955-1957 Chevrolet

Gen-IV Surefit (no cables) Complete Kit $1480.00 plus UPS

NOTE: We can supply a Vintage Air System for many makes & models.

5-7Griffin.jpg (56813 bytes)GriffinLogo.gif (30770 bytes)5-6Griffin6Cyl.jpg (14069 bytes)

Aluminum Radiators

1955-57 V8 - 1" $500.00 plus UPS 1955-57 V8 - 1 1/4" $600.00 plus UPS
1955-56 6-Cyl - 1" $500.00 plus UPS 1955-56 6-Cyl - 1 1/4" $600.00 plus UPS
1957 6-Cyl - 1" $500.00 plus UPS 1957 6-Cyl - 1/14" $600.00 plus UPS


Copper/Brass Radiators:  Inquire


McG14.jpg (34837 bytes)

1957 Chevy car with 2 speed $500.00

1957 Chevy car with delay

1955-56 Chevy car with 2 speed $445.00
1955-56 Chevy car with delay $500.00


BugScreenA.jpg (113924 bytes)

Radiator bug screen $35.00 Ea.

BraA.jpg (95979 bytes)

1955-57 Car & 1955-59 Truck front end bra $125.00 Ea.

Fan-6BladeA.jpg (72961 bytes)

6-Blade AC steel fan.  Keep your classic running cool $65.00 Ea.

 SporlightBrktA.jpg (54753 bytes)

LIMITED SUPPLY! NOS Right spotlight bracket KIT $135.00

57CigLighterA.jpg (56399 bytes)

1957 Reproduction lighter assembly with bezel $50.00.  Without bezel $33.00.  The nicest '57 lighter available.

57ArmRestA.jpg (77366 bytes)

1957 Reproduction BelAir armrests - all stock colors available - $90.00 Pair.   

HoosSpringsA.jpg (78429 bytes)

1955 or 1956 New hood springs $30.00 Pair.   1957 New hood springs $30.00 pr.  ALSO AVAILABLE: Heavy duty hood springs $40.00 Pair.  Specify year.

GasSenderA.jpg (73948 bytes)

Gas Tank sending units: 1955-57 car 5/16" $54.00. 1955-57 wagon 5/16" $54.00.  1956-57 9-Passenger wagon 5/16" $58.00. 1956-57 car or wagon 3/8" $54.00.

KickPanelA.jpg (90025 bytes)

1955-57 Car Kick Panels with speakers $129.00 Pair.  With higher watt speakers $189.00 Pair. Also available for 1961-64 Chevy cars and 1964-68 Mustangs.  AND MANY OTHERS!

ClutchSetA.jpg (78752 bytes)

New matched clutch SET, clutch, pressure plate & throw-out bearing. 10", 10 1/2" & 11" available INQUIRE.

BatteryA.jpg (70577 bytes)

NEW Delco batteries for all applications INQUIRE.   

RearMainA.jpg (59735 bytes)

1955-58 Chevrolet neoprene rear main seal $35.00.  STOP THOSE DRIPS

WiperBlades&ArmsA.jpg (71884 bytes)

Nice quality stainless steel wiper arms and  blades $65.00 Set.

LinesA.jpg (80180 bytes)

NEW steel or stainless fuel lines, AT cooler lines, vacuum advance and heat riser tubes INQUIRE

ManualsA.jpg (104397 bytes)

ALL the manuals you'll need for your project: Shop manuals, Assembly manuals, wiring diagrams, How To manuals, etc. INQUIRE

BlueDotsA.jpg (71399 bytes)

Blue dot taillight lenses with glass dot - 1955-57 car $18.00 Pr. ALSO: Reproduction 1955&56 "Lee" car lenses $50.00 Pr.

57-8WheelCoverSpinners.jpg (16291 bytes)

Part# DT-3  1957 Wheel cover spinner SET $168.00. 

ChangingBar.gif (11247 bytes)



Part# M-1  1955 150-210 wheel trim ring $30.00 Ea.

Part# FFGS-1  Front accessory guard spacer  $80.00 Pr.

Part# J-7  1955 Rocker molding clip SET  $16.00

Part# L-12  1955 Ribbed stone guards $120.00 Pr.

Part# UF-28    Factory air dash ducts $290.00 Pr.

Part# L-34  1955 Gas door guard $32.00

Part# L-35A  1955 Continental kit hubcap - no brackets $125.00

Part# BA-55  1955 Fender skirts $150.00 Pr.

Part# SB-75  1955 Tissue dispenser $80.00

Part# OS-93  1955 Fender skirt stainless scuff pads $15.00 Pr.

Part# 'BP-312 1955 Rocker molding - LEFT $82.50

Part# 'BP-313  1955 Rocker molding - RIGHT $82.50

Part# WL503 1955 Accessory washer bottle lid $55.00

Part# B-788  1955 Radio antenna - reproduction of original $65.00

Part# 11035  1955 Replacement glovebox light $20.00

Part# 11972  1955 Continental kit less wheel cover $2,695.00


Part# PSW-01  1956 Rear accessory fender guard brackets $25.00

Part# OS-4  1956 Wire wheel cover $500.00 Set with clips

Part# BA-9  1956 Fender skirts $135.00 Pr.

Part# BA-9A  1956 Fender skirt scuff pads $25.00 Pr.

UF-27  1956 Air condition dash ducts  $285.00 Pr.

Part# L-54  1956 Rocker molding clip SET $16.00

Part# SB-76  1956 Tissue dispenser $80.00

Part# 'BP-336  1956 Rocker molding - LEFT $82.50

Part# 'BP-337  1956 Rocker molding - RIGHT $82.50

Part# BP-304  1956 Stone guards $120.00 Pr.

Part# 12096  1956 Continental kit less wheel cover $2,695.00



Gen IV             1957 Complete air condition system; micro switch $1,450.00

Part# MD-1  1957 LEFT rear antenna bezel with gasket $40.00 Ea.

Part# MD-2  1957 RIGHT rear antenna bezel with gasket $40.00 Ea.

Part# DT-3  1957 Wheel cover spinner set  $179.00

Part# DT-4  1957 Fender skirt scuff pads $35.00 Pr.

Part# DT-5  Deck lid trim with mounting hardware  $160.00

Part# DT-6  1957 Deck lid trim mounting KIT $20.00

Part# NF-02  1957 LEFT rear antenna $150.00

Part# NF-03  1957 RIGHT rear antenna (dummy) $150.00

Part# DT-21  1957 Rear manual antenna base nut $13.50 Ea.

Part# DT-21A  1957 Rear electric antenna base nut $14.50 Ea.

Part# DT-22 1957 Day/Night mirror bracket $15.00 Ea.

Part# DT-23  1957 Continental kit adapter plate on trunk $55.00 Ea.

Part# DT-25  1957 Continental kit handle mechanism $95.00

Part# UF-26  1957 Factory air dash ducts $275.00 Pr.

Part# J-27  1957 Traffic light viewer $61.00

Part# DT-33  1957 Electric right rear antenna $475.00

Part# SB-77  1957 Tissue dispenser $80.00

Part# L-97  1957 Underhood lamp $35.00

Part# B-189  1957 Gold license plate frame $74.00

Part# B-189A  1957 Silver license plate frame $70.00

Part# L-268  1957 Day/Night mirror $65.00

Part# B-310  1957 Backup light assembly 150.00 Pr.

57BumperBullets.jpg (13525 bytes)Part# B-330  1957 Rubber bumper bullets $42.00 Pr.

Billet front bumper bullets $85.00 PR.

Part# B-370  1957 Door handle shields $55.00 Pr.

Part# 1071  1957 Fender skirts $120.00 Pr.

Part# 1405  1957 Spinner emblem SET $73.00

Part# 10795  1957 Continental kit $2,750.00


Part# L-6 Door handle guards $55.00 pr.

Part# L-20 Vanity visor mirror $40.00

Part# J-26 Traffic light viewer $56.00

Part# SB-25  Power pack exhaust extensions $175.00 pr.

Part# DT-27 Continental kit adapter plate on trunk $6.00

Part# L-96   Underhood lamp  $50.00

Part# GENIV Complete replacement air conditioning $1,335.00

Part# L-120 Exhaust extensions - single exhaust cars $35.00 ea.

Part# 10423 Accessory floor mats:   blue,  green $55.00 pr.




Part# DT-7  Outside sunvisor mounting brackets $49.00 Pr.

Part# 'SB-08HD  Front sway bar & hardware - Heavy Duty $210.00 Ea.

Part# 'SB-08ST  Front sway bar & hardware - As Original $210.00 Ea.

Part# E0-20    Replacement Locking Gas Cap $42.50

Part# 11034    Underhood light $55.00

Part# 12150  Power window conversion - 2 Door Hardtop $775.00

Part# 12158  Power window conversion - 2 Door Wagon/Delivery $405.00

Part# 12186  Power window conversion - Convertible $815.00

Part# 12188  Power window conversion - Nomad $405.00

Part# 12470  Power window conversion - 4 Door Sedan $775.00

Part# 12178  Replacement trunk lamp $27.00

Part# C5-1215  Fender skirt rubber $11.00 Pr.

Part# 1754  Fender skirt clip SET $20.00

Part# GM-26  Black antenna nut $7.00

Part# 1215  Power seat switch bezel $35.00

Part# BA-102  Sedan outside visor corner molding $30.00 Pr.

Part# SB-11  Accelerator pedal cover $20.00

Part# GM-64  Spotlight wire grommet $2.50


1955-56 V-8 (Both hoses) $40.00

1955-56 6-Cyl (Both hoses) 41.50

1957 V-8 (Three hoses) $44.00

1957 6-Cyl (Three hoses) $51.00

BY THE FOOT: 1953-56 5/8" @ $5.10 Ft.  1957-72 3/4" @ $5.10 Ft.


1957 Fuel Injection RIGHT Exhaust Manifold Spacer - Correct as Original $80.00 Ea.


New01.jpg (75249 bytes) 1955-57 Conv. upper windshield frame $799.00

New02.jpg (78642 bytes) 1955-57 2Dr HT/Conv. door jamb reinforcement $169.00

New03.jpg (74416 bytes) 1955-57 Wagon & Nomad cargo floor $159.00

New04.jpg (127837 bytes) 1955-57 Wagon lower spare tire well $205.00 and cargo floor extension $39.00 Ea.

New05.jpg (145328 bytes) 1955-57 Conv. top mounting assembly $399.00 Ea.

New06.jpg (140765 bytes) 1955-57 2Dr. HT/Conv. full B pillar panel $165.00 Ea.

New07.jpg (74312 bytes) 1955-57 4Dr. sedan inner wheel house $199.00 Ea.

New08.jpg (75931 bytes) 1957 inner fender $359.00 Ea.

New09.jpg (117943 bytes) 1956-57 4Dr. sedan and wagon factory outer rocker panel $145.00

New10.jpg (79993 bytes)       1956-57 Wagon/Nomad shock mount reinforcement $75.00  

                       1956-57 Wagon/Nomad rear outer wheel well $89.00   

                       1956-57 Wagon/Nomad wheel well rear extension $59.00