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We can replace the cable on your overdrive cable--inquire on cost.




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1957 Chevrolet rebuilt automatic speedo. This is a complete rebuild. Requires an exchange. $250.00. Also will work with TH350, TH400, & 700R4 trans with lens change. Have a stick speedo and 55-56 speedos available as well. Actual shipping applies.

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 1957 Restored Gas Door $125.00

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1957 Restored Left Vertical Fin Molding $100.00

57RightVerticalFinMolding.jpg (75156 bytes)

1957 Restored Right Vertical Fin Molding $145.00


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  1955-57 Car/1955-59 Truck Restored Electric Wiper Motors $245.00 EXCHANGE.  We can restore most any electric or vacuum wiper motor

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Reproduction 1955 Heat Riser Valve    $125.00 each

New 1957 Heat Riser Valve $65.00 EA.   Limited Stock.

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 Classic Seat Belts.  Many Applications and Colors Available.  $56.00 PR.  (Does two people.)  Comes With Hardware.

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 Speaker reconing.  6 X 9 speakers reconed  for $60.00 EA. 

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Rebuild your wiper center drive.  Rebuilt & cad plated (Shown) $75.00. 

Rebuilt only $50.00.  Rebuilts in stock with exchange.



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Send your parts to us to cad plate CALL FOR ESTIMATE

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1955-56 Car restored clock with American 12 volt Quartz conversion  $270.00 EX

1957 Car Reproduction Quartz Clock - white face only $180.00

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1955-56-57 Sedan, Nomad and Hardtop restored clear or tinted glass vent assemblies using American made rubber - $550.00 PR. EX 

Date coded glass INQUIRE


Mirror resilvering (including day/nights) $45.00 plus shipping.   Disassemble and send glass only.  Allow approximately 6-8 weeks turn around. Gun metal silver extra

Rebuild your radiator Inquire 

Rebuild your radiator if new core is needed Inquire

Show quality radiator restoration: Includes disassembly and cleaning, tank straightening, assembled with new core, returned unpainted.   Allow 4 - 5 weeks delivery  starting at $850.00 EXCHANGE

NEW heater cores $225.00  EXCHANGE.  USA made core.

Radio rebuilding - Send your radio in for a FREE estimate.

Steering wheel restoration: Includes crack repair and baked enamel finish in most original colors. Send me your steering wheel for estimate.

Fuel pump rebuilding:  Can rebuild most makes; starting at $125.00

Keys cut by code; includes key $9.00 EA.

Stainless repair and polishing INQUIRE

Reproduction Power steering rebuilt cylinder $225.00

Power steering rebuilt control valve $325.00 - rebuild yours

Power steering rebuilt pump $275.00 - rebuild yours

Restored original voltage regulator $149.00 - rebuild yours

Restored original horn relay $75.00 - rebuild yours

Professional rebuilding of fuel pumps; most American makes    INQUIRE

SpeedoRbldA.jpg (68278 bytes) Rebuild of speedometers; Odometer reset to ZERO.  1955-56-57 passenger car and 1955-59 truck $250.00 Ea./Exchange.  We can rebuild most any speedo or gauges.


All exchanges must be rebuildable cores to receive  full credit.




1955-56 Front w/guards

1955-56 Rear w/guards

1957 Front w/guards

1957 Rear        1957 Wagon rear         Accessory guards extra.

Rebuilt 1955-56-57 Powerglide transmission INQUIRE

SHOW QUALITY restoration of starter or generator $175.00 EA.