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Frame, Suspension, Rear End & Brakes

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1955-56-57 Chevrolet new upper offset A-frame shafts. Complete with bushings and washers $135.00 a set.

Available Through Cliff's Classic Chevrolet: Art Morrison Tri-Five & 1953-62 Corvette Chassis INQUIRE

Now Available: Nomad & Wagon rear sway bar  $165.00

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1955-58 Power disc brake kit  $795.00

1955-58 Manual disc brake kit  $590.00

2" lowered A-frames for drum or disc brakes $325.00 Pair Exchange

2" lowered rear leaf springs $450.00 Pair - American Made

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"X" Frame for 1955-57 Chevy convertibles.  Duplicate of the original, includes all brackets, painted in primer black.  Part No. 12748 $949.00

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Frame Rail Skid Plates for 1955-57 Convertibles.   Duplicate of the original, U-shape channel construction, stock profiles and contours. 

Part No. 12749 Frame rail skid plate, LH $125.00 Each

Part No. 12750 Frame rail skid plate RH $125.00 Each

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1955-56-57 chromed gas shocks for front or rear

$300.00 Pr.

McG9.jpg (44259 bytes) Pocket Kit 55-57 Chevy. Relocates springs into frame rails for use of wider tires (welding required). Part No. W-01: $240.00
McG11.jpg (47322 bytes) No. B-870: Turbo Trans Mount Kit. Bolts to Existing Frame Horns $110.00

No. 31-2267: Side Engine Mount Cushions $15.00 Each

No. 31-2143: TH400 Trans to Crossmember Cushion $13.00 Each

No. 82224: TH350 & 4-Spd Trans to crossmember cushion $13.00 Each

McG12.jpg (45984 bytes) 55-57 Chevy Front End Rebuild Kit (American Made)  $438.00

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No. 10639: Transmission crossmember $125.00
No. 10607: Shock mount - standard frame $90.00
No. 12258: Shock mount - seamless frame $125.00
No. SM-12: Side engine mounts - specify 1-piece or 2-piece frame $60.00 Pair
No. SM-12C: Side engine mounts 1" forward with 2-piece frame $60.00 Pair
No. 10613: Turbo shift linkage $30.00
No. K9-01: Lokar turbo shift linkage $75.00

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No. EO-323: Front replacement sway bar 7/8" $165.00
No. SB-08: Repro stock front sway bar 3/4" $210.00
No. SB-08H: Repro stock front sway bar 1" heavy duty $210.00
No. 11349: Rear replacement sway bar $165.00

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No. JSG-01: Traction Master style traction bars $159.00 Pair

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McG17.jpg (60332 bytes) 55-57 2" CLASSIC DROP SPINDLE: This 2" Classic Drop spindle is the oldest on the market and doesn't use interior bolt on brackets (which can fail).  These spindles are made just like the late model factory spindles and use 79-86 GM components.  All spindles are made in the USA and are machined on state-of-the-art CNC machines to ensure the best quality.

No. W1009: 2" Dropped spindles $260.00 Pair

No. 25: 2" Dropped spindles for 58-64 Chevy $260.00 Pair

No. MMC-03: Rotor kit for dropped spindles $360.00

McG18.jpg (44266 bytes) TUBULAR A-ARMS: Manufactured from .188 wall seamless tubing.  These A-arms use your factory balljoints and are engineered with positive caster added so there's no need for offset upper shafts. No. 14: Upper tubular A-frames - uses stock balljoint USA made $318.00 Pair

No. 15: Lower tubular A-frames - uses stock balljoint USA made $450.00 Pair

No. K-304: Lower A-frame bushing $8.00 Each

No. K-305: Upper A-frame bushing $8.00 Each

McG20.jpg (51009 bytes) FRONT DISC KIT with BRACKETS FOR STOCK SPINDLES:   Front brackets are laser cut and machine tapped for quality.  These kits work with all 15" wheels and most 14" wheels. No. DM-7: Stock spindle disc brackets $115.00 Pair

No. MMC-05: Rotor kit for stock spindles $360.00

McG24.jpg (71000 bytes) 55-64 Chevy power steering pump No. DVP-01: Front pump pulley $45.00

No. MMC-06:  Hoses $60.00

No. 1084A: Rebuilt pump w/cap $135.00

McG23.jpg (41147 bytes) 55-64 Chevy power steering pump brackets No. 16-143: Left lower PS pump mount-includes the left front motor mount $53.00

No. 400L: Left PS pump bracket w/short water pump-when engine is side mounted $75.00

No. 403L: Same as 401L above but for big block $75.00

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55-57 Chevy coils


No. 603: 1 1/2" Lowered front coil springs USA Made  $109.00 Pair

No. 638: Stock front coil springs USA Made $99.00 Pair

No. 656: Heavy duty front coil springs USA Made $130.00 Pair

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55-56 Floor shift-paintable $428.00

55-56 Column shift-paintable $737.00

57 Floor shift-paintable $428.00

57 Column shift-paintable $737.00

Inquire price on chrome, black powder coat, brushed aluminum or polished aluminum

Rag joint for Borgeson box $115.00

Adapter harness to original underdash harness $40.00

No. 4140: Ididit column floor mount $22.00



Part No. Description Price
UF-06 Front hub grease cap $25.00 Pr.
B-41 Outer wheel bearing $55.00 Ea.
BLC001 Front brake line clip $3.50
PBL001 Power brake line to master cylinder $17.00
LBL003 Front to rear brake line not power pack $40.00
FBL004 Front brake line kit; left, right, crossover $59.00
LBL004 Front to rear brake line power pack $40.00
FBL005 Front brake line kit for power brakes $59.00
B-1078 Urethane shackle bushing set $40.00
11341 Rear shackles $95.00Pr.
12109 Left front brake line brass tee fitting $30.00
12110 Right front brake line brass tee fitting $30.00


Part No. Description Price
AP-304 Forged alloy replacement axle; complete $490.00 Pr.
AX-304 Forged alloy replacement axle; axle only $335.00 Pr.
RW-307R Rear axle bearing $100.00 Ea.


Part No. Description Price
AX-302 Forged alloy replacement axle; axle only $380.00 Pr.
RW-307-ER Rear axle bearing $65.00 Ea.


Part No. Description Price
B-01 Outer wheel ball bearing (USA made $50 each; as available) $41.50 Ea.
B-01R Outer wheel roller bearing $40.00 Ea.
UF-07 Front hub grease cap $22.00 Pr.
GM-48 Rear shackle; left $48.00
GM-49 Rear shackle; right $48.00
FBL001 Standard front brake line kit $49.00
LBL001 Front to rear brake line; inside; not power pack $40.00
FBL-002 Power brake front brake line kit; 8 cylinder $59.00
LBL-002 Front to rear outside frame brake line; power pack $40.00
PBL-002 Power brake line from master cylinder $17.00
FBL-006 Hydra-Vac power brake line kit $59.00
B-1079 Urethane shackle bushing set $40.00
12111 Left front brake hose brass tee fitting $33.00
12112 Right front brake hose brass tee fitting $33.00


Part No. Description Price
R-1 Upper ball joint to A-frame rivet $2.00 Ea.
R-2 Lower ball joint to A-frame rivet $2.00 Ea.
HME-7 Original brake bleeder screws $45.00 Set
9 Rear brake shoe set $50.00 EX
CS-02 Restored, original manual master cylinder $250.00 EX
PS-02 Idler arm tanged washer $2.00 Ea.
GM-24 Rear emergency brake cable $61.00
GM-39 Leaf spring eye bushing; front $15.00 Ea.
B-40 Inner, front wheel bearing $65.00 Ea.
B-40R Inner, front roller bearing $75.00 Ea.
GM-46 Long shackle bushing $4.00 Ea.
GM-47 Short shackle bushing $4.00 Ea.
GM-66 Steering gear bearing adjuster $36.00
GM-74 Rear end fill plug - reproduction $30.00
GM-75 Rear end fill plug gasket $3.00
GM-88 GM u-bolt rear spring $8.50 Ea.
GM-90 Steering gear top cover gasket $1.50
GM-93 Third member pinion crush sleeve $15.00
GM-94 Rear end vent $19.00
SST000 New power steering slave cylinder $235.00
BBK001 Power pack rear brake line bracket $34.00
BDS001 Front brake drum spring $11.00 Ea.
BHC001 Brake hose clip kit $6.00
BJB001 Banjo housing brass fitting $31.00
DBC001 Brake adjuster metal hole; covers original $4.75 Set
EBC001 Emergency brake cable clip kit $5.25
HBL001 Rear brake line kit $29.00
HNK001 Third member nuts and copper washers $13.00
GFW001 Felt washer pitman arm to drag link $3.00
SBL001 Manual brake line for master cylinder $19.00
SIP001 Four-leaf spring inserts; set of 8 $20.00
WCW001 Front spindle nut washer $2.00 Ea.
BHKF01 Brake shoe hardware kit; original; front $30.00
BHKR01 Brake shoe hardware kit; original; rear $48.00
EBIL01 Emergency brake idler lever; all models except convertible $18.00
SWKF01 Front shock mounting hardware and bushings $16.50
SWKR01 Rear shock mounting hardware and bushings $31.50
11326 Inner power steering tie rod end; left $70.00
EBAL01 Emergency rear brake cable clevis/adjusting rod; all except convertible $42.50
BLC002 Power brake firewall brake line clip $4.00
BHK002 Front and rear self adjusting brake kit $80.00
PS002 Power steering stud; drag link shouldered bolt $15.00
SIP002 5 leaf spring inserts; set of 12 $22.00
EBAL02 Emergency rear brake cable clevis/adjusting rod; conv. $42.50
EBIL02 Convertible emergency brake idler lever $18.00
SIP003 6 leaf sprint inserts; set of 16 $25.00
PB-024 Treadle Vac firewall plate reinforcing bar $5.00
GM-121 Steering gear sector shaft seal $25.00
10-126 Leaf spring eye bolt with lock nut $2.75
C-144 Brake drum gasket $5.00 Pr.
20-189 Sedan and Nomad body mount bolt kit $16.00
20-190 Hardtop body mount bolt kit $16.00
20-191 Convertible body mount bolt kit $17.00
10-219 Shift linkage lever clip $1.10 Ea.
228 Front brake shoe set $50.00 EX.
ES234LR Left & right outer tie rod end $29.00 Ea.
22-236 Emergency brake spring for convertible $7.50
10-289S Rear u-bolts and lower shock nut; pack of 10 $7.50
20-289 Lower A frame bushing curved washer $2.25 Ea.
20-290 Upper A frame bushing curved washer $2.25 Ea.
20-291 Lower A frame bushing retainer bolt; black or plated $2.60 Ea.
20-292 Upper A frame bushing retainer bolt; black or plated $2.60 Ea.
20-293 Lower A frame bolt to frame; long; black or plated $3.40 Ea.
20-294 Lower A frame bolt to frame; short; black or plated $3.40 Ea.
20-295 Upper A frame to frame bolt; black or plated $4.80 Ea.
20-295A Spindle bolt set; bolts backing plate/steering arm $6.30
20-299B Black front suspension fastener set $44.00
20-301 Front suspension upper & lower control arm nut set $11.00
20-303A Shackle marsden nut set $4.00
K-304 Lower A frame bushings $8.00 Ea.
K-305 Upper A frame bushings $8.00 Ea.
10-320 7/16 X 20 castle nut; for tie rod end & PS pitman arm stud $1.30 Ea.
EO-327 Mylar leaf spring liner kit; 4 leaf $25.00
EO-328 Mylar leaf spring liner kit; 5 leaf $28.00
EO-331 Mylar leaf spring liner kit; 6 leaf $34.00
EO-333 Front emergency brake cable; all except convertible $22.00
EO-334 Shift pivot lever retaining clip $3.50
EO-335 Front emergency brake cable rollers $8.00 Pr.
K-377-379 Idler arm bushing kit $26.00
HM89410449 Rear pinion bearing and race $35.00
USA400 4 leaf springs; USA made $400.00 Pr.
USA440 5 leaf springs; USA made $440.00 Pr.
USA480 6 leaf springs; USA made $480.00 Pr.
EO-446 Front emergency brake roller bolt $5.00 Pr.
C5-502 Power steering cylinder mounting cushions to drag link $4.00 Pr.
C5-503 Power steering hose to frame rubber cushion $3.50
ES-577 Inner tie rod ends; right and left $47.00 Ea.
ES-577S Tie rod end sleeve with clamps $36.00 Ea.
'638 Front coil springs; standard $99.00 Pr.
K-670 Lower ball joint $65.00 Ea.
MO700 Monroe air shocks with hose kit $135.00
PS-812 Master cylinder cap; numbered $22.00
PS-820 Rearend fill plug and leather gasket $13.95
B-795A Convertible front emergency brake cable $38.00
0819 Upper A frame bumper $7.00 Ea.
0820 Lower A frame bumper $12.00 Ea.
0821 3rd member copper washers; set of 10 $8.00
1004C Manual master cylinder gasket set; cap gasket & copper washers $6.00
1011 3rd member tag $4.00
1032CS Complete manual master cylinder rebuild kit $60.00
C5-2800C Convertible body mount set $65.00
C5-2800H Hardtop body mount set; T & N brand $140.00
C5-28000SN Sedan & Nomad body mount set; T & N brand $134.00
C5-3509 Banjo housing bumper $10.00 Pr.
B9-3510 Upper shock grommet $2.00 Ea.
C5-3511 Rear lower shock grommet $2.00
C5-3517 3rd member bumper $6.50
4406 Brake adjustment hole grommet $ .50 Ea.
4996 U-joint bolt kit $4.00
5188 Rear axle flange gasket $5.00 Ea.
5801 Monroe front gas shocks $48.00 Ea.
5803 Monroe rear gas shocks $48.00 Ea.
K-6034 Upper ball joint $49.00 Ea.
6818 Pinion bearing seal $32.00
6985 Inner front wheel bearing seal $18.00 Ea.
10065 Shift linkage clevis to column cover rubber bushing with metal sleeve $4.00
11326 Inner power steering tie rod end; left $70.00
11331 Center link rebuild kit $70.00
11610 Transmission linkage bushing kit; standard shift $24.00
11611 Transmission linkage using kit; automatic $22.00
RDS-11724 3rd member gasket $8.00
12185 Power steering tie rod sleeve; left $25.00
12658 Master cylinder line clip $2.00
12662 355 ring & pinion inquire
12663 411 ring & pinion inquire
12664 456 ring & pinion inquire
12717 Master cylinder mounting nuts and washers $1.00 Ea.
12720 High temp cast iron paint $10.00 Can
12852 Tie rod end dust boot $3.00 Ea.
12902 Body mount metal shims; pack of 10 $15.00
12903 Steering box mounting bolts and nuts $9.50
12904 Idler mount bolts and nuts $7.00
12939 Emergency brake cable return spring $9.00
13081 Rear shock plate; left $70.00
13082 Rear shock plate; right $70.00
13387 Rear wheel cylinder; left; foreign made $15.00
13388 Rear wheel cylinder; right; USA made $30.00
F-13841 Rear brake hose $20.00
15458 Offset upper A frame bushing shaft $135.00 pr.
15553 Lower A frame bushing shaft; left $175.00
15554 Lower A frame bushing shaft; right $175.00
16469 Front or rear brake hold down kit $8.50
20026 U-joint; front or rear $20.00
21318 Idler arm bearing kit $120.00
20932 Front wheel cylinder; left $33.00
20933 Front wheel cylinder; right $33.00
21000 Standard brake master cylinder $99.00
36403 Shoe return spring set; front or rear $9.00
F-51116 Front brake hose $30.00 Ea.
60001 Brake drums; front or rear $80.00 Ea.
61201 Lug studs $2.50 Ea.
61285 Lug nuts $ 1.50 Ea.
HM8851047 Rear end pinion bearing and race $35.00
LM603014049 Rear end side carrier bearing and race $45.00
C5133509 Rear axle bumper retainer $14.00