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Frame, Suspension and Rear End

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5-lug disc brake kit upgrades your brakes and swaps the factory 6-lug pattern to the common GM 5 on 4 3/4" bolt pattern.  Kit is complete, bolts onto the stock spindle, and does not use stock hubs.  Includes 1" thick 11" diameter rotors, tapered roller bearings, hoses, master cylinder, booster, and proportioning valve.   $649.00

6-lug complete upgrade kit contains all you will need to put modern discs on your stock 1/2 ton spindles and uses your stock hub.  The 1 1/4" thick, 12" rotor uses a GM Full-floating caliper.  The 8" single diaphragm booster master cylinder and proportioning valve mounts in the stock location.  It is recommended that you upgrade the stock ball bearings to tapered roller bearings  when using this kit.  Some stock wheels may rub the caliper and may require a spacer.    $649.00